Salaisons G. Blaise

House Blaise, foudned in 1910, is without doubt one of the jewels of the businesses in Florenville.

It is in 1949 that Georges Blaise, raised in a family where the profession of butcher is a creed, takes over the business.
Since then the family business experiences an extreme growth and they even invest in a totally new workplace, conform to the european standards in November 2003.

The next generation continued to follow up the developement of products.The company is specialized in local products of a high standard, which are artisan made without adding chemicals.


The charcuterie and also the sausages, ham nuts and other products are traditionally smoked with wood sawdust from oak. This process respects the recipes and procedures that are strict artisan.

Exclusive are the sausage with Orvalbeer, sausage with honey and the ring sausage with shallot. Specially these items make this company from Luxembourg famous.

A wide range of pâté fulfills the offer of products : the pâté ‘Pleasure of Semois’, the traditional pâté, the pâté with Orvalbeer and in the season the different sorts of pâté with game.

Those are made on the basis of fresh products and are slowly cooked in the oven on high temperature. This respect for traditions requires skill, know-how labour and the different stages in the production process.


Certificat IFS Global Markets Food : We are certified IFS Global Markets Food what concerns the quality and nutrition safety of the products made in our workplace.



Guide automatic control : We follow the instructions validated by AFSCA to fulfil the terms on hygiene, traceabality and the automatic control required by the belgium and european legislation.