Salaisons G. Blaise

Set up in 1910, the Maison Blaise is probably one of the treasures of the business world in Florenville.

In 1949, George Blaise, born in a family where the craft of salting meat is seen as a declaration of faith, took over the company.
Since then, this family SME has experienced remarkable growth and had to reinvest in a new workshop in 2003, in order to comply with the European standards.

The next generation took product development one step further.

The company specialises in top local produce made with traditional methods, without the addition of chemicals.


Over the years exclusive products such as the sausages with Orval beer and sausages with honey or with shallots have built the fame of this Luxembourg firm.

A vast choice of pâtés completes the range of products: the ?delights from Semois' pâté, the traditional pâté, the pâté with Orval beer and when in season, all of the game pâtés.

The pâtés are made from fresh produce and do not contain any preservatives; they are baked in a high temperature oven. This adherence to tradition requires know-how, skilled labour and many stages in the production process.

Today, Andrée, the wife of Georges, is 96 years old and still sits in the butcher shop in order to greet and welcome her loyal customers. 

Her true passion for her trade has left intact her incredibly dynamic attitude!

Quality chain

Certification COMEOS food: We are certified COMEOS with regard to the quality and food safety of products manufactured in our workshops.



Self-checking guide: We follow instructions from the FASFC to meet Belgian and European legislation requirements on hygiene, traceability and self-checking.